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At Naam, we believe that woman is the fabric that holds a family together
and well adjusted children are the future of a stable society. Underprivileged single women have tough battles to fight, in nurturing themselves and their offspring. Our aim at Naam is to empower such single women by guiding them into suitable professions, empowering them with requisite skills and providing educational aid to their children.

Our Facility


World class infrastructure in a green environment friendly building that keeps its doors and hearts open to those in need of its help. Located at the center of the city our facility like our organisation was built to serve women in need.



NAAM is committed to education and empowerment of single women from the underprivileged segments who are unmarried, widowed, abandoned by their spouses or victimized in any way.

                                                  OUR PROJECTS



          In today's times, a single woman has to stay strong and fit to overcome all the challenges that life throws at her. So, we begin with her wellness and occupation. If there is one thing that tops her priority  list, it is the education of her child/children. A mother most often puts aside her own welfare in preference to that of her offspring's. But at Naam, we put her first and then go on to address education needs next. To make her path smoother and strengthen her hands, we provide her with these programs.

Medical Testing and Aid

Naam is proud to say that we provide regular medical tests and medical aid to treat major and minor ailments for both our women and their children.

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Introduction to Yoga and Nutrition

With recurring yoga workshops we help our women build a routine to sustain excellent physical and mental health. 

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Training in First Aid

We ensure that our women are equipped to take care of themselves and those around them in cases of medical emergency.

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Training in Self Defence

We ensure that our women are equipped to take care of themselves and those around them in cases of medical emergency.

 Through Krav Maga workshops we give our women the tools to protect themselves and the people around them from the dangers of the world.

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Fire drills and Safety Awareness

Accidents can happen to anyone. However through awareness and precautionary measures we help our women avoid such accidents and live with reduced risks.

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Strong Support System

We all need someone to talk to when we have troubles. We provide our women with personal, parental, vocational, and financial counselling to ensure that they get all the help they need whenever they need it.

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                                                                VOCATIONAL TRAINING

We help the women of Naam explore and tap into their interests by offering training in their field of interest. By doing so we help them in their search of labour. Some of our women even choose to setup their own small home enterprises.

Carpet Weaving

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We provide counselling for highschool student and college entrants. Furthermore we provide aid to students of all levels of schooling anddeserving high school graduates are offered fully sponsored seats at Sathyabama University.

Our Students

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Sucess Stories



V.Radha, a 42‐year‐old widow who earned Rs. 2000 per month delivering flowers door‐to‐door suffered in silence. She hardly spoke much about her ulcerated uterine prolapse that made walking a hellish punishment. Where would she find the time and money to prepare and go for any treatment? Fortunately, her NAAM coach counselled her to prepare appropriately for the surgery that rid her of her misery. Through NAAM she has undergone a hysterectomy free‐of‐cost while her friends supported her through this phase of unemployment. Menopausal problems plague her no more. Healthier and pain free today, she plans to set up her own flower shop using NAAM’s support.




Gayathri was only 3 years old and was sleeping facing the ceiling unaware of her father’s cruel plan. He had bought a bottle of Acid and poured it over her and her mother, Shanthi. While the mother is permanently disfigured and disabled by the attack and covers her face when she meets the world, Gayathri is not afraid of her scar since she was almost born with it. She came to NAAM as a young but directionless youngster, and today she works in an office where she is an inspiration to many. Her handwriting is so beautiful that she helps with all the paperwork in the NAAM monthly workshops. Gayathri continues to study her BBA through NAAM’s financial support. Shanthi and Gayathri attend many events organised by NAAM coaches.




Padmavathy is polio‐affected with 2 children. A good man married her 10 years ago but deserted her and disappeared 6 years ago. She was angry with the whole world for her bitter plight of taking care of 2 children with her disability, but after she joined NAAM all her bitterness has disappeared and she is even ready to drop the criminal case that she has filed against her husband. Using her crutches, she used to walk 35 minutes to drop her children to school. Now with NAAM, she has test‐driven a BSA 2‐wheeler and became the proud owner of this vehicle in August 2010. She has also been the leader for the paper bag‐making class training group and she is making paper bags for a stylish boutique called Orange Harvest. Padmavathy has many job offers from NAAM but she is content with her tailoring work and paper bag assignments.  



NAAM Family welcomes coaches

Those who are willing and has the desire to help those in need. If you are young at heart, active and ready to change the world for the better, we look forward to seeing you in our volunteer family.


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The Team

A very caring and committed group of men and women from diverse fields have come together, to mentor and hand hold single women/mothers and ease their life battles. A deep note of gratitude to every coach/mentor of Naam for giving so much of their time and effort in bringing to fruition the objectives and goals of Naam.


                          Suhasini Maniratnam

                             Sherene John

                                Gopi Krishnan


2, North Crescent Road T Nagar, 

Chennai 60017


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